The World of Digital Learning

Digital learning allows the use of technology to transform the way that students learn. No longer is education bound by the four walls of a classroom. Technology enables students education to bloom outside of traditional time frames and methodologies. Incorporating digital learning allows an effective avenue to develop education to meet the various learning styles of individual students.

Garces Memorial High School is committed to the process of digital learning. Students today  have been brought up in an age where digital technology is commonplace. The use of computers and the internet has always been a part of their lives. These digital natives are often more proficient in their use of a computer than their use of a textbook.

Equipping students for their future education and occupation insists that the Garces student understands how to use technology effectively. Both the university classroom and business world have incorporated the use of technology to varying degrees. The fact that technology is ever changing and progressing demonstrates that it will always be a part of the Garces  graduates life.

The mission of Garces dictates that students are not only academically prepared but spiritually and socially prepared as well. The digital world not only opens new avenues for education but also presents possible distractions and behavioral challenges. Proceeding into the digital world requires that students learn to be appropriate, respectful, and responsible while using technology. The use of technology in the digital world does not mean that students leave their belief system because of the possibility of anonymity but that they allow their belief system to be the driving force in all that they do in the digital world and beyond.

Navigating the digital world is an exciting adventure for many and a terrifying endeavor for others. Garces Memorial High School has embraced digital learning with the understanding that technology will continue to be an important part of students lives. Presenting exciting opportunities for students to expand their education, effectiveness, and mastery of technology in the digital world helps the Garces graduate be academically prepared, spiritually connected, and socially aware.