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Dear Garces Parents and Students:

Garces Memorial High School believes that learning is a year round activity. As a result the school encourages students to read for enjoyment. Studies show that reading increases and expands vocabulary, improves writing skills and can increase important critical thinking skills such as analysis, synthesis and evaluation. Students who read extensively also tend to produce better scores on the SAT verbal test. Parents are invited and encouraged to read with your son or daughter. Please help us communicate the enjoyment and importance of reading.

The books for the Summer Reading Requirement are selected with the intent to augment and enrich the course experiences for which the book was chosen. The book is to reflect the course content of a particular course or instructional theme. The intent of the reading requirement is to encourage students to read, to help students understand that reading and learning is a life-long experience, to expose students to different cultures and beliefs, and to enhance their world view. Finally, research strongly suggests that continuous and extensive reading will significantly improve standardized test scores.

The Summer Reading Program procedures are as follows:

1.  There will be two books assigned by the English Department (3 for Honors English students). English 9 Honors and English 9 CP will read the same two books.

2.  Teachers will briefly discuss the Summer Reading the first week of school in August, explain how it is related to the course, and test on all books during the first two weeks of school.

3.  The Summer Reading represents approximately 10% of the student’s grade for the first quarter in English.

4.  The student is encouraged to (1) take notes, (2) use study guides, and (3) review notes prior to the first week of school.

5. Students who take the Summer School Summer Reading Class will read two books (3 for honors) designated by the English Department and will complete all tests in class. After successfully completing the Summer School Class, students will be exempt from all Summer Reading requirements for that academic year. However, the student is encouraged to once again take the exams in their fall classes and to have the option of choosing the better of the two reading exam grades.

6.  Students who do not pass the Summer School reading tests will have the opportunity to test again with their English class in the fall.

7.  Students who are admitted to Garces late (after August 1) will be required to read only one English selection as listed for their grade level.

Suggested Study Questions:

1.  Where does the story take place (the setting)? How is the setting important to the story? Is
there more than one setting? If so, how are the settings alike, different? Why are both settings important to the story?

2.   When does the story take place? Does the story take place in more than one time period? How is the time period important to the story?

3.  List the main characters of the book and identify their importance in the story.

4.  List five character traits of each main character.

5.  What conflicts or struggles do the main characters face?

6.  How do the main characters change or grow throughout the book?

7.  Identify 5 important incidents in the story from the beginning to the end. Why are these incidents important? How do they contribute tot the outcome of the book?

8.  Identify at least 3 messages or themes that the author presents in the book. A theme is the central idea/ideas or observations about life that the author presents throughout the book.

9.  What is the climax or turning point of the story? How is the story resolved after the climax?

10.  How does the title of the book relate to the story?