Garces is a “closed campus”.  Every moment spent on campus is valuable educational time.  Non-emergency appointments should be scheduled outside of class time, not during the school day which includes the lunch time. 

The purpose of these policies is three-fold: so that the school can properly account for students during the school day, to ensure that students are not missing class time for frivolous reasons, and to ensure that students who have medical needs are under the care of a physician.


When a student misses more than thirty (30) minutes of any class it will be recorded as an Absence for that class. 

The parent/guardian will be mailed a form letter when the student has accumulated four (4) absences in a particular course.

When absent, students are expected to keep up with their assignments.  Upon returning, students must be prepared for class.  Students should refer to the Garces Website, contact a classmate or teacher to receive the necessary assignments.  It is the student’s responsibility to get assignments from their teachers.


Students who, in any one semester, accrue an excessive number of absences (as determined by the Principal) in any course (Excused or not) are at risk of receiving a grade of “I”, Incomplete in that course.  In all cases of long term absence, once a student accrues an excessive number of absences in any class the student’s parents will be contacted and the student’s grade in that class (or classes) will be recorded as an “I” (See ACADEMIC INFORMATION). Parents must meet with the Assistant Principal for Academic Affairs within ten (10) school days of contact or the “I” will be recorded on the official transcript as an “F”.


For an absence to be considered Excused it must be cleared with a phone call or written note from the parent/guardian to the Attendance Office (661-327-2578) or Dean of Students (ext. 132).  E-Mails are not accepted to clear an absence.


·         Parents must phone the attendance line (661-327-2578) before 9:00 a.m. each day of an absence or tardyAny tardy not cleared by 9:00 will result in disciplinary action.  If the attendance clerk is not available, messages should be directed to voice mail.  If the parent does not call or send a note, upon the students return, the student will be Unexcused and considered Truant.

·         Students who wish to leave campus for any reason MUST either be signed out by the parent or must have written permission from the parent before they will be released from the Garces Campus.  The only exception to this policy will be in the case of events where the school is providing transportation where a permission slip will be required in advance.   

·         In the case of an extended absence (three days or longer) parent/guardians should contact the Attendance Clerk, who will make arrangements to get assignments and materials from the student’s teachers. Materials will then be available for pick-up at the Attendance Office.  Parents should do their best to let the school know when to expect the student back on campus. 

·         Students returning from an extended illness must present a doctor’s note.

·         All students returning from suspension must check in with the attendance clerk before returning to class.

Providing a falsified or forged note or message is a serious offense.  Please see Grounds for Suspension.


Occasionally students may be invited or expected to attend school related functions as participants or representatives of Garces Memorial High School (Garces counseling appointments, games, retreats, performances, etc.).  When a student misses class time for these events the absence will be recorded BUT will not be counted towards the Excessive Absence limit.

If these events are occurring off-campus, written notification will be required to release the student from campus.  The exception for this policy will be in the case of events where the school is providing transportation where a permission slip will be required in advance.


A student is considered Unexcused when they are either absent from school or tardy without written notification from the parent/guardian and/or the proper school authority, either for a whole day or any part of a day. 

Students who fail to provide the appropriate parental clearance within 24 hours of their return to campus will receive after school detention (up to one week) until the parent clears the absence.


When it is determined that a student was absent from all or part of the school day without the knowledge and consent of the parent/guardian and/or the proper school authority, the student will be considered Truant.  Students found to be Truant will serve detention or Garces Work at the discretion of the Dean of Students.

Repeated Truancy is a disciplinary offense punishable up to and including Dismissal. 


A student who enters a classroom after the bell has started to ring will be considered tardy.

Students who are tardy and Unexcused will serve lunch and afterschool detention the day they are tardy.

traffic, weather, Oversleeping, road construction, Trains, and otherwise avoidable delays will not be excused; even with a parent note or phone call.  Transportation arrangements should be made so that students arrive at school 15 minutes before class begins.  Students who are late will be excused only in limited circumstances. 


·         Parents should phone the Attendance Office (327-2578) to notify the school that their student will be late reporting to school and provide the school with an estimated arrival time. 

·         A student who arrives on campus late for school, for any reason, must report to the Attendance Office for an Admit Slip before being admitted to class.


Students are NOT permitted to leave the campus after they arrive in the morning unless they secure an Off-Campus Pass from the Attendance Office. This pass is to be picked up either before school, during break, or during lunch. Upon return to campus, students are to go to the Attendance Office.  Failure to follow any of these steps will result in disciplinary sanction. Any student who leaves campus without a pass (including jumping a perimeter fence for any reason) will be suspended. 


·         Students whose parents pick them up at the attendance office - Parents must come in to the attendance office and SIGN the student out.  Upon return to campus, an official doctor’s notification of appointment must be presented to the attendance clerk in order to clear the absence.


·         Verifiable doctor, dentist, or other difficult-to-schedule appointments when the student is driving his/her vehicle and if the student has a notice of release signed by the parent/guardian.  Upon return to campus, an official doctor’s notification of appointment must be presented to the attendance clerk in order to clear the absence.

Off-Campus Passes will not be issued for off-campus lunch, to run errands or shop. 

Students must notify the instructor at the beginning of the period affected that they have an Off-Campus Pass.

Students Who Are Ill

Any ill student must report to the attendance office.  All parental/guardian notifications of illness are to be made through the attendance clerk (NOT on personal cell phones).  Parents may come to pick up their student and sign them out at the Attendance Office.  

Attendance and Participation in Extracurricular School Activities

A student may not be permitted to attend or participate in any extra-curricular activity if the student is absent for any portion of the school day.

Participation in week-end or “all day” activities and sporting events requires that the student meet the same instructional requirements on the school day immediately prior to the event. 

If the school finds that a student who has not met this minimum time requirement participates in a practice and or competition/performance the student may be excluded from the next like event.

Absences sanctioned by the administration (certain school-related activities, unavoidable conflicts such as a funeral, emergency medical appointments, etc.) are exempt from this regulation. Parents are expected to contact the school in advance when the student will be absent given the above conditions. 

The administration reserves the right to review cases involving extraordinary circumstances.