Code of Conduct and Eligibility

Goals of the Garces Memorial Athletic Department

  • To provide athletic programs that will attract and involve as many students as possible.
  • To promote athletic programs that reflect and instill Christian values.
  • To instill in athletes self-discipline, responsibility and commitment to personal excellence.
  • To insure that Garces athletes represent their school, their team and themselves in a positive manner.
  • To help Garces athletes attain the proper balance between athletics and their educational pursuits.
  • To have Garces athletes and their parents assume the responsibility to comply with the following regulations.

Athletic Eligibility

A student is eligible to compete in Interscholastic Athletics if a G.P.A. of 2.00 or better is received (C.I.F. Policy) and has passed at least six (6) instructional courses if enrolled in seven (7) courses and seven (7) courses if enrolled in eight (8) (Garces Memorial Policy). If the student is either an Instructor or Office Aide, the student must pass the remaining instructional courses.

A student may compete if the student has a G.P.A. below 2.00 at the most recent grading period, IF the student had a G. P.A. of 2.00 or better in the grading period proceeding the most recent grading period. However, the student will be on Athletic Probation and must receive a 2.00 G.P.A. or better at the next grading period to remain eligible to compete.

The G.P.A. is determined from the following grading periods: Fall Midterm, Fall Semester, Spring Midterm, and Spring Semester. The Spring Semester G.P.A. may be affected by summer courses (requires Administrative Approval) as stipulated in C.I.F. Policy.

Any student who attends Summer Session for the purpose of establishing athletic eligibility will not be permitted to participate in any practice sessions until the Summer Session grades have been submitted by the student to the Assistant Principal for Academic Affairs, and they have been calculated, with written approval being submitted to the Athletic Director.

Eligibility Situations

The student had two or more consecutive grading periods with a G.P.A. of 1.99 or lower. The student is immediately ineligible to compete until a 2.00 G.P.A. or better is earned at a subsequent mid-term or semester grading period.

The student had a G.P.A. below 2.00 at the most recent grading period, but the previous grading period G.P.A. was 2.00 or better. The student is on athletic probation for the current grading period but is eligible to compete. However, the student must have a G.P.A. of 2.00 or better at the next regular grading period to continue to be eligible.

The student had a G.P.A. of 1.99 or lower at the previous grading period; however, the student has a G.P.A. of 2.00 or better at this most recent grading period. The student is immediately ELIGIBLE to compete.

The student did not pass six (6) of seven (7) or seven (7) of eight (8) classes at the most recent grading period. The student is immediately ineligible.

NCAA Initial-Eligibility

The NCAA Initial-Eligibility Clearinghouse has on file the list of courses offered at Garces for the purpose of determining intercollegiate eligibility. The NCAA policy is such that no course work/grades completed as self-paced studies, independent studies, correspondence courses, or courses challenged by exam will be accepted under any circumstances for purposes of determining eligibility. See your counselor for questions concerning NCAA eligibility.

In-Season Rules for Athletes

Athletes will follow all rules set by the coach.

Athletes will attend all practices and contests, as designated by the coach. The coach must approve excused absences prior to the missed practice or contest.

A instructor, in consultation with the coach, may request that a student stay after school to discuss a behavior problem or to have the student complete academic work before attending a practice. Athletes who do not fulfill these academic or behavior responsibilities may be withheld from a practice or game.

Athletes are responsible for school equipment issued to them and will return it at the time designated and in the condition it was issued.

Parents will be billed for replacement costs if a student fails to return or damages athletic equipment. The athlete’s privilege to continue participation in Garces athletics may also be limited or denied.

Once notified, athletes will be assessed a late fee of $5 per day (up to a maximum of $20) until the missing equipment is returned.

Athletes will follow the school dress code at all home and away contests. Individual coaches may choose to require a stricter dress code for their athletes.

Athletes will travel to and from off-campus contests on school transportation, when school transportation is provided, unless prior arrangements are made with the coach and Athletic Director. Athletes who will not return to Garces on school provided transportation must submit a written note to the coach, signed by the parent, stating that the athlete will return with an adult. Athletes may not leave the site of an athletic contest with another athlete’s parents without written parental permission.

Students will not be allowed to join a team after the third week of practice without the permission of the coach and Athletic Director.

Athletes who quit a team will not be allowed to participate on another team until the first team’s entire season is completed unless there is a prior agreement between the two coaches involved and the Athletic Director.

Junior Varsity athletes, participating in the next season of sport, will be allowed to move up to varsity for one (1) week of playoff activities. After the first week, these athletes must attend practices/games for their next sport, unless they have earned a playing role on the varsity.

Athletes who violate in-season rules may be suspended or removed from the team by the coach, in consultation with the Athletic Director.

Athletes will always conduct themselves in a manner that reflects positively on Garces Memorial. This includes language, demeanor, and sportsmanship.

As a general rule, student athletes may only compete on one team during each season. Individual requests for multiple participation in sports during the same season will be handled on a case-by-case basis by the coaches involved and the Athletic Director.

Conflict Resolution

If there is a conflict or question of playing time, conduct, enforcement of rules, etc. between a coach and a player, these steps should be followed until there is a resolution:

  • The player speaks with the coach.
  • The player’s parent(s) speak with the coach.
  • The player and/or parent(s) speak with the Athletic Director.
  • The Athletic Director speaks with the coach.
  • The player, parent(s), and coach meet with the Athletic Director.
  • All appropriate parties meet with the Principal.
It is inappropriate to approach a coach unscheduled, immediately prior to, during, or at the conclusion of a contest or practice. Meetings of this nature do not promote resolution. Meetings should be held in a professional setting in the school building during school/professional time.

Athletic Lettering

The requirements for earning a letter will be established by the coach in each sport, in consultation with the Athletic Director.

Athletes who quit or are removed from a team for academic or disciplinary reasons will not be eligible for a letter or other awards in that sport.

Athletes promoted to the varsity from underclass teams during playoffs will not be eligible for a varsity letter, but they may receive other varsity acknowledgments; for example, championship patches, team pictures, etc.

All decisions concerning lettering will be made by the coach of the team, in consultation with Athletic Director.

Athletic Awards

In addition to team awards, the Athletic Department also presents three major awards at the end of each school year. The Dante Alighieri Award honors the outstanding male and female scholar-athletes in the senior class, based on their performance throughout their high school career. A second award honors the outstanding male and female athlete in the senior class, again based on performance during his/her high school career. The last major award recognizes the top male and female athletes from the junior, sophomore and freshman classes.

In addition to these school awards, there are a number of honors presented by various organizations or businesses in the community. Nominees for these awards will be chosen by the coaching staff, the Athletic Director and/or the school’s awards committee, in consultation with the Principal of the school.

The Athletic Department will provide each athlete who completes his/her season with a certificate acknowledging his/her participation in that sport. The department will also provide the athlete with his/her first varsity chenille letter. Lower level (i.e. Frosh-Soph, J.V.) chenille letters will not be issued.

Fund Raising Guidelines

Special Events/Fund Raising Activities

All special events and/or fund raising activities are coordinated through the Development Office. Individuals and/or Garces clubs and organizations (i.e. sports teams & extra-curricular clubs) are not to conduct any fund raising activities without prior approval from the Director of Development.

Solicitation of In Kind Gifts and/or Services

Requests for solicitation of donations for in kind services or product shall be coordinated through the Development Office. A list of the prospective donors must be provided to the Director of Development. Upon receipt of the list, the Development Office will research the giving history for each prospect. If the individual/company has made prior contributions to Garces, any proposed solicitation of that donor may be denied.

Receipt of In Kind Gifts and/or Services The Development Office shall be notified of any donations received in the form of services or products to ensure proper donor recognition. The team/club/department which receives such gifts is asked to provide the Director of Development with the following information:

Name of donor

Company Name (if applicable)

Company Contact (if gift from business)


Complete list of item(s) donated, or donated services (if a “no charge” invoice was provided by donor, the value of the donation should be estimated and a copy of said invoice should be provided to the Development Office)

Solicitations for Specific Programs Club moderators, coaches, and/or staff are not to solicit individuals and/or companies for cash contributions to be used specifically for their teams or programs, unless approved by the Director of Development.

Any knowledge of a prospective donor who has expressed an interest in making a “restricted” contribution to a specific activity, team or program shall be provided to the Director of Development. The Director of Development will research the giving history of the prospect, and make the follow up contact with the donor to discuss the donor’s request.

The Internal Revenue Service requires non- profit organizations to provide written receipt to a donor for any cash gift of $250.00 or more.

Campus Improvement Projects

Individuals expressing an interest in contributing to any type of campus improvement (i.e. building improvements, landscaping projects, equipment donations,) should be directed to either the Director of Development or the Director of Finance.

Tuition Reduction

Tuition reductions will not be provided to any current family providing in-kind services or products to Garces Memorial.


All printing (tickets, programs, posters, etc.) with regard to any fundraising activity or event is to be approved by the Director of Marketing and Admissions and/or Director of Development.

Advertising/Press Releases

All advertising/promotional copy must be pre-approved by the Director of Marketing and Admissions.