The 2008 Inaugural Hall of Honor – the following individuals were honored:

 The Honorable Robert Anspach
 Rev. Monsignor Ralph Belluomini
 Anthony Cornejo
 Helen Haller

 Dr. Gerald Haslam
 Joe Hernandez
 Jimmie Icardo
 The Honorable Larry Kleier
 Rev. Monsignor Patrick Leddy
Sam Tobias


Garces Memorial President, John L. Fanucchi, honored the Luigi Antongiovanni Family with his inaugural President’s Award.  For over 55 years, there has been an Antongiovanni family member at Garces Memorial.  There have been first generation, second generation, and now third generation Antongiovanni’s attending Garces Memorial High School.

The honorable Robert Anspach and Garces Memorial President John Fanucchi.