Board of Directors

Garces Memorial High School Board of Directors

Reverend Monsignor Perry J. Kavookjian

Pastor, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish

Board Members
Mr. Bill Rector '78 - Chairman
Mrs. Dianne Riley '73 - Vice-Chairman
Dr. Tom Berry D.D.S-
Mr. Bryan Boylan '80-
Mrs. Ann Braun-
Mr. Steve Del Papa-
Mrs. Elaine Jamison-
Mr. Dan Klingenberger, Esq.-
Mrs. Sarah Price-
Mr. Greg Petrini '85-
Mrs. Jenny Waguespack '89-

Garces Staff Representation
Ms. Myka Peck - Principal
Mrs. Cheryl Rhodes- Faculty Representative

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Garces Memorial High School assists the Rector and the Bishop of the Diocese of Fresno in governing the business, educational and spiritual affairs of Garces Memorial High School. 

The Board of Directors brings together the educational and administrative talents of the Garces President and Principal, the spiritual leadership of the Rector, the combined experience of the faculty and administration, and the knowledge and insights of its lay members in a collegial effort to create for the student a Christian-based educational program that operates in conformity with Catholic teaching and the policies of the Diocese of Fresno.

It is not the role of the Board of Directors to involve itself in the day-to-day administration of the school including hiring, termination, supervision, discipline, or evaluation of either staff or students.

In order to fulfill its governing role in the life of Garces Memorial High School, the Board of Directors has established “Standing Committees” to assist and collaborate with the business, academic and spiritual aspects of the school.  The Standing Committees are:

a.       Executive Committee: consists of the Rector, President, Principal, Board Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, and one elected member of the general Board. This Executive Committee sets the agenda for the general board meetings and occasional meets in Executive Session for the purpose of evaluating the role of the President and other Administrative officers of Garces when necessary.

b.      Curriculum: Assists the Principal and Vice-Principal in addressing issues pertaining to the academic curriculum offered at Garces High School.

c.       Campus Life: Assists the students and the Campus Ministry department in evaluating and giving voice to the issues affecting the life of the student community.

d.      Facilities: Assists in addressing the physical needs of the school campus including maintenance and building projects.

e.       Athletics:  Assists the Athletic Director and coaches in addressing issues pertaining to the various athletic programs.

f.       Finance:  Assist the Controller in producing financial reports for the Board and in addressing any questions of finances coming to the Board.

g.      Marketing/Admissions:  Assist the Director of Marketing and Director of Admissions in making certain that Garces is promoted in the larger community so as to encourage greater enrollment and support.

h.      Development: Assists the Director of Development in overseeing the fundraising functions in the school.

Board Meetings are usually held on the third Tuesday of every month at 5:30 pm in the Garces Library.  Unless otherwise noted, Board Meetings are open to the Garces community.  Those wishing to address the Board on matters pertaining to the school should contact the President of Garces or the Chairperson of the Board in advance of the meeting date.  To secure copies of Board Meeting Minutes, please contact the office of the President.