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Physical Education


The Physical Education Department strives to build sound bodies and positive attitudes toward wholesome physical activities. Teaching proper social behaviors and teamwork are skills that the Garces Memorial Physical Education staff believes will benefit all students throughout their lives. Creating opportunities for leadership and fellowship as well as developing good psychomotor skills will lead students toward a life of fitness and wellness. The entire syllabus can be viewed on-line.


The goals of the department are:

To develop efficient and effective motor skills and to develop an understanding of the basic principles involved;

To develop and maintain the best possible level of performance, understanding, and appreciation for physical fitness to meet the demands of wholesome living and emergency situations;

To develop socially desirable behavior involving movement with regard to interaction with others;

To develop interest and proficiency in using the skills essential to successful participation in worthwhile physical recreation activities;

To develop awareness and understanding of the human body and its structure, functions, and movements as parts of the whole person and as an important means of expression.

GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS: Physical Education 4 Semesters (20 Units), Health Education 1 Semester (5 Units)


Course Description: This one year (10 units) NON CO-ED physical education course is required for all 9th grade level students. The focus of study is to develop an understanding and appreciation for improving health through physical fitness. Special emphasis will be placed on the development of movement skills and fitness. Through a variety of physical education activities, this course will address personal fitness, movement knowledge, self-image, and personal and social development. The activities will include individual, dual and team sports. THIS COURSE FULFILLS THE FIRST YEAR OF THE TWO YEAR PHYSICAL EDUCATION GRADUATION REQUIREMENT.


Course Description: This one semester (5 units) course is designed to teach wellness skills. It offers the student rich opportunities for analyzing their behaviors and learning new ways to create healthy lifestyles. The focus of study will include nutrition and weight management for total fitness, fitness training skills, sexually transmitted infection prevention strategies with a stress on abstinence, substance abuse prevention and treatment and CPR and first aid instructional class. The classroom setting will be an open forum style with the importance of group discussions to help encourage students to ask questions.


Course Description: This one year (10 units) co-ed physical education course is designed to address and expand upon movement skills through a variety of activities. Special emphasis will be placed on movement knowledge, self-image, and personal and social development. The focus of study is to develop a personalized plan for lifetime fitness by selecting activities that contribute to the achievement of personal fitness goals. These activities will include individual, dual and team sports. THIS COURSE FULFILLS ONE YEAR OF THE PHYSICAL EDUCATION GRADUATION REQUIREMENT.


The course includes individualized instruction in a wide variety of activities designed to enable the student to meet his/her goals. The activities are adapted to fit each student's limitations and interests.

STUDY SKILLS ( social science department)

This course includes instruction and activities to help strengthen student’s skills in the areas of active listening, notetaking, stress management, time management, testing taking, and related organizational skills.

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