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Friday, April 18, 2014
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Name: Fr. Jim LaCasse, S.J. - School Chaplain
                                       - Theology Teacher
   I am a seeker
   for God
   for knowledge of the world
   for knowledge of self.
I want my students to also become seekers!

Office Hours:
Office hours – White days collaboration and 7:00 am to 7:45 am on all days in the Library.

Phone Extn: 130

BA (Philosophy) - Gonzaga University
MA (Theology) - St. Mary's University, Halifax, N.S.
Started Teaching: 1966
Hometown: The West
Year started at Garces: 1996






Course Expectations/Green Sheets

Religions of the World
History of the Catholic Church

Philosphy of Man

Homework Assignments 

Welcome to all my students for 2013 - 14
Please be sure that you check the homework assignment page for your course.

 Web sites that I have found to be usefull in Ethics and Morality  

This is an excellent site for a wide range of topics on religion and ethics.

2.  This web site is devoted to ethics from many different religions and
      philosophies.  It has many links to other sites for more research and

3.  This web site has many links to ethics, personal, professional, and religious.


Web sites that I have found to be usefull in Religions of the World.

1. This web site will give answers to many general questions about Islam.
2. This site is an excellent source for many questions concerning Judaism, both modern and ancient.
3. This site gives the Catholic viewpoint of Judaism.
4. A very comprehensive site for information on Judaism, both ancient and modern.
5. A comprihensive search site for Judaism.
6.  This is a site with many good sources for many different religions.
I will add more as I find them. 

eb sites that I have found to be usefull in History of the Church.

 1. Medieval and Renaissance Architecture This first site has many excellent pictures and descriptions of medieval and gothic architecture. The second site has many photos of buildings done in the renaissance style.

2. Ecclesiology: A study in Church history. This site containes information for all periods of the Church, from foundation to the present.
3. Fathers of the Church. Here one can find a copy of all the principle documents of the early Church as the young Church explored the theological aspects of its teachings.
4. Vatican Museum. This site speaks for itself.
5. Counter Reformation. These sites help to understand the dynamics of that critical period in the history of the Church.
6. Vatican. This will provide those who are interested in the leadership of the Church a great deal of basic information.
7. Social Justice.   Starting in the last quarter of the 19th century, Church teaching on labor and social justice has gone through a great revolution. This is a good starting site for research.
8. 20th Century Catholic Church This first site is an excellent overview article. The second site is the archive site for Catholic University of America. Great site for 20th century research.
9. Second Vatican Council This first site is an excellent overview article. It looks at different aspects of the effects of the council. the second site is a great site for the entire council. The documents and other sources are listed and linked.

Web sites that I have found to be usefull in Philosophy of Man.

Good Web articles:

1.        A very good summary of de Chardin’s thesis

2.       A brief biography of his life and a complete list of writings and links

3.       This is a great page on noosgenesis

4.       This is a chapter from a book on God and science, excellent reference



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