Planned Giving through the

Garces Memorial High School Foundation

Our Future is in Your Hands

Planned Giving Equally Beneficial to Garces Donors

Your legacy to Garces Memorial High School can be secured by including the Garces High School Foundation in your estate planning.   Donors can direct their gift to any of the school’s departments or programs.  When you choose to include Garces in your estate planning, please notify Tonya Abbott at tabbott@garces.org.

For more information about the Garces High School Foundation and the various ways you can help future generations of Garces Memorial students 

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Gifts of Appreciated Property - Appreciated property such as stocks, mutual funds, bonds, land, income property and art are deductible at the current fair market value of the asset when donated to Garces Memorial, thus creating a significant charitable deduction for the donor.

Qualified Retirement Plans - Retirement plan assets will be subject to both income and estate taxes before passing to the donor’s heirs which will leave only 20-25% of the account value. Donors can give 100% to Garces Memorial, realize the tax benefits and establish a perpetual gift to the department or program of their choice.

Charitable Remainder Trusts - Trust which are established which return income to the donor or other beneficiary for life from a charitable gift of appreciated assets. The payment to the donor is based upon a percentage of the trust assets, but valued on an annual basis. The trust assets may be sold without incurring capital gains tax and the full proceeds may be reinvested for the donor by Garces Memorial to produce a higher yield. With the increased income and charitable deduction, the donor may create a wealth replacement trust to provide heirs with a tax-free equivalent in their estate.

Gifts of Real Estate with Life Estate Reserved - Donors may deed a residence to Garces Memorial, yet retain the right to live in their home for the rest of their life. Donors receive a large charitable contribution and have the assurance that their home will not be taken away from them should they experience financial or medical difficulties.

Gifts of Life Insurance - Donors may sign over an existing policy or establish a new policy with Garces Memorial as the beneficiary, co-beneficiary, secondary beneficiary or remainder beneficiary and create a large charitable deduction.