Year Book 
Overview and Requirements

The class is responsible for designing and producing the El Padre Yearbook. To take the class, a student must have the permission of his or her counselor.

Yearbook students are very busy in the fall and winter months. Students are assigned pages to produce, which include writing text, designing layouts, and organizing photographs. Students will learn basic organizational skills along with the importance of team work, and time management.  While no formal photography or writing experience is required, these skills are helpful. Each page is part of a larger section with its own deadline. Meeting deadlines is necessary to complete the book on time. Therefore, a student's grade is based solely on meeting their assigned deadlines. 

The class, while demanding at times, is fun. Students have the opportunity to create and select the best memories of the school year to share with the entire student body. The yearbook they create will showcase the school and will be treasured by all Garces students and future alumni - especially during class reunions.