Welcome to the Garces PSI Program

The Garces Parent Service Involvement Program (PSI) is currently unavailable. To track your service hours, please fill out the PSI form that can be found below and turn them in to Ms. Abbott

Families are asked to contribute 20 service hours per year.  Once you've completed your hours, you are free to volunteer without the paperwork!  You can email your questions anytime to tabbott@garces.org



What are my hours worth? 

$15/hr for volunteering time or for donations.  The only exception is water and Gatorade which are assessed at three cases (24-count) of water or two 8-packs of Gatorade.  Due to the ever-changing cost, we thought we’d simplify drinks.  For example, you can get a great deal on water at Fresh & Easy.  Water cases are regularly $2.99 and can go on sale for 2 for $5.00

How many hours are required per school year?

Families are asked to work 20 hours per school year.   This can include mom, dad and/or grandparents.  A family cannot contribute hours to another family.  Say for example, the Smiths work 30 hours in a school year.  They cannot transfer 10 hours to the Taylor family.  Also, if you complete more than 20 hours in one year, the remaining do not roll over to the next year. 

How are my hours counted?

Parents are asked to have the event coordinator sign off their PSI forms.  You can drop them off at the front office.  Don’t rely on just signing your name on a list.  Your hours won’t be counted.  Please fill out a PSI form and have the coordinator sign it off.  You are encouraged to make a copy of your hours.  You can download the PSI form here

How can I check my hours?  

Please call Ms. Abbott at 327-2578, the website is no longer available. 

How can I get my hours quickly?

• Become a team mom or dad
• Sign up for a big job like marking the fields for softball season
• Buy a banner for the Athletic Department
• Join the Boosters Club and volunteer
• Work in the kitchen for Sunday Bingo
• Donate an auction item to Gala
• Buy Fall BBQ tickets
• Volunteer for the Parent Club
• Volunteer for Campus Spiritual Support Group

The list goes on and on …

Deadline –

Hours run from April 1st to March 31st.  If you’re involved in spring sports, your hours are rolled over to the following year.  Senior families are asked to complete their hours by March.  

Thank you for your support!  Go Rams!