2018 Hall of Honor

The 2018 Hall of Honor is schedule for Saturday, April 14th.  If you would like to nominate someone who embodies the mission of Garces, please submit a nomination for the 2018 Hall of Honor.  The nomination forms are due to Garces by January 26, 2018


The Garces Alumni will vote on the nominees in February and will announce them publicly once all the nominees have accepted the award. To be included on the ballot, a nomination form must be received by the Alumni Board. 

2018 Hall of Honor Awards Banquet
Saturday, April 14th
5:00 PM - Social
6:30 PM - Dinner
7:30 PM - Awards Presentation 

2017 Hall of Honor

On Saturday, April 29th, 2017, Garces Memorial honored four very distinguished and deserving alumni by inducting them into the Garces Hall of Honor.  They were:

• The late Mrs. Yolanda (Papasergia) Griffiths '51
• Mr. Frank Maitia Jr. '60
• Mr. Arnold Cattani '64
• Mr. Tom Anchordoquy '65

The legacy family honored with the Garces Alumni Award was The Mac and Stella McMurtrey Family.

Thank you to our sponsors:

Inductee Sponsor
Famoso Nut Company

Award Sponsors
Mission Bank
B & B Surplus
Mr. Michael Georgino '75
ASU & Associates

Program Sponsors
Wool Grower's Restaurant
Mazzei-Franconi Co.
Mr. Al Sandrini '57
Dr. David Hare '94/Bakersfield Eye Institute











Current members of the Garces Memorial Hall of Honor

Mr. Don Border ‘50
The Late Anthony Cornejo ‘51 
The Late Honorable Larry Kleier ‘51
The Late Rev. Msgr. Ralph Belluomini ‘51
Mrs. Yolanda (Papasergia) Griffiths '51
Mr. Tom Werdel '53
Mr. John Etcheverry ‘53
Mr. Paul Summers ‘53
The Late Charles Anspach '53
The Honorable Robert Anspach ‘54
Mr. Gary Ogilvie '55
Dr. Gerald Haslam ‘55
Mrs. Deanna Maraccini McCauley ‘55
Mrs. Katherine (Padilla) Cornejo ‘55
The Honorable Art Wallace ‘56
The Late Justin Meyer ‘56
Mr. Al Sandrini '57
Mrs. Helen Reischman Haller ‘57
Ms. Marianne Laxague '58
Mr. “Jackrabbit” Joe Hernandez ‘58
Mrs. Joanne (Molinaro) Border ‘58
The Honorable Louis Etcheverry ‘58
 Mr. Frank Maitia, Jr. '60
Mr. Stan Antongiovanni '61
The Honorable Gary Friedman ‘61
Mr. Mike McCaffrey ‘64
Mr. Arnold Cattani '64
The Late Tom Soliz ‘65
Mr. Tom Anchordoquy '65
Mr. Dan Giordano '66
Mrs. Deborah Cerri Leary ‘67
Mr. Darrell Feliz '70
Mr. Greg Robinson '70
Mr. Jim Sakowski '70
Mr. Bill Rector '78
Dr. Ken Ruettgers ‘80
Mr. Patrick Lencioni ‘83
Mrs. Marianne (Werdel) Witmeyer ‘85
Mr. Gino Valpredo '88
The late Dr. Romain Clerou
Mr. Pat Franey
Dr. John Ritter
Dr. Richard Tucker
Mr. Gene Garibaldi
Mr. Joe Ziemann
Mrs. Joan Garibaldi
Mrs. Kay Wall
Rev. Msgr. Ronald Swett
Sister Sharon Casey OP
The Late Bob Carroll
The Late Jimmie Icardo
The Late John Kovacevich
The Late Mary Pogon
The Late Rev. Msgr. Patrick Leddy
The Late Sam Tobias
Mrs. Mayie Maitia 
Rev. Msgr. Michael Braun