The Garces Memorial Theology Department shares, in a special way, the mission of Catholic education which is to teach doctrine, develop a sense of Christian community and to offer service in the spirit of the Gospel. In cooperation with faculty, staff and parents, the department seeks to develop within students a faith that is knowledgeable and informed, living and active, and conscious of the challenges and demands of Gospel values in the contemporary world. The Theology Department works in conjunction with the Campus Ministry Office to promote a sense of Christian community.

The goals of the Theology department are: 
To provide an atmosphere and environment at Garces Memorial which is conducive to personal and spiritual growth;

To share with students a deep appreciation of Catholic heritage and tradition; 
To assist students in embracing a life of virtue and principled morality; 
To offer students invitations and opportunities to give expression to their faith through prayer and worship; 
To challenge students to see themselves as Christ in the world through service to others by sponsoring and supporting students in projects of Christian service for one another and for the community; 
To offer a course of study which provides basic knowledge of Catholic teaching in scripture, doctrine and morality; 
To assist the Campus Minister in the planning of liturgical and para-liturgical worship, especially the Eucharist and the Sacrament of Reconciliation; 
To offer opportunities for personal spiritual growth through spiritual days, retreats and individual spiritual counseling; 
To assist Campus Ministry with signing up students for service opportunities to meet their community service requirements for graduation.